The Tinkering Humanist–Digital Archiving with Omeka


Have you ever wanted to incorporate archival research into your classroom? With Omeka’s free archiving platform, you can assign students to upload content and create their own archive. This easy-to-use platform offers exciting possibilities for your lesson plans, allowing students to explore original material using the Dublin Core metadata standards used by libraries and museums for digital content. In this two-hour workshop, we will discuss what Dublin Core is and how to access and use Omeka. Each participant will bring three digital items (music, video, PDFs, texts) to begin creating an original archive, and we will discuss the various metadata categories as well as the plug-ins offered by Omeka.

Free but registration requested (not required). No technical expertise required.
Location: Obermann Center Library
Time: 3-4:45
Date: 12/1
Materials: please bring a laptop computer and create a free account at Omeka

Categories: Digital Humanities