2016 Summer Institute Schedule

Brief Agenda

We have a later start on Tuesday than most days: 9:30 am.  In the afternoon, Miriam Posner will give a talk and lead a workshop on “Data & Disciplinarity.”

Wednesday, we will concentrate on means of finding data. A morning introductory session, complete with a few brief presentations, will be followed in the afternoon with a demos of easy tools that will allow users to quickly get data.  Breakout group sessions will give participants hands-on experience with using these tools and methods.

Now that you have your data, on Thursday we will explore how you clean up, or wrangle it, into useful structures.  Shawn Averkamp will guide us through this process.  Like Wednesday, a morning introductory session will give way to an afternoon of demos and hands-on.

Having cleaned up your data, participants will learn how to visualize their data on Friday.  Ben Schmidt will be our final guest speaker to guide and inspire us through this process.  We will end early on Friday, for a talk by DBSI participant Matthew Kluber at the Faulconer Gallery at 4:30 pm.  Friday evening will also be the night of our closing banquet at Prairie Canary.

We end our workshop on Saturday.  Participants will have time in the morning to reflect briefly about what they have learned over the course of the week and how they hope to integrate this in their teaching and research.  Additionally, we will be joined by Jean Florman from the University of Iowa’s Center for Teaching.