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Digital Bridges Summer Institutes

During each of the four summers of the grant, we have (and will in 2018) convene a Summer Institute for faculty, staff, and graduate students from Grinnell College and The University of Iowa to explore a major theme, beginning with a focus on digital pedagogy. In the context of the Institutes, participants will have opportunities to explore technologies and to build teams and projects from the connections they make with colleagues. These Institutes will lay the foundation for future collaborations by engaging faculty and students in the shared work of learning new technologies and ways of working together. Each Institute will be co-planned by a pair of faculty members from Grinnell and UI and will involve faculty participants from both institutions, with graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff also welcome to participate.

The Summer Institutes take place following the end of the spring academic semester and lasts one week. The Institutes generally alternate between the two campuses. The 2018 Institute will be at the University of Iowa. In spring 2018, a formal call for participation will be sent to all eligible faculty at both campuses. A total of twenty faculty will be selected for participation. The Summer Institute will be designed to allow faculty to focus for a week on developing skills and concepts that underlie the digital liberal arts and humanities. The Institutes are co-led by the Principal Investigators on the two campuses. The 2018 deadline to apply is Wednesday, February 27, 2018 by 5 p.m.

The Summer Institutes allow participants from Grinnell College and The University of Iowa to build a shared understanding of current theories, practices and technologies that comprise the diverse field of digital humanities. We encourage faculty at all levels of technological expertise to participate.

Summer Institute participants should:

Note:  Faculty may attend more than one Summer Institute, though preference may be given to new applicants.

2015 Summer Institute
Digital Tools for Undergraduate Pedagogy

To learn more about the topics covered during this first Institute as well as the presenters and participants, please click here.

2016 Summer Institute
Making Meaning with Data in the Humanities and Social Sciences

To learn more about the topics covered during this first Institute as well as the presenters and participants, please click here.

2017 Summer Institute
The Power of Digital Storytelling: Lights, Camera, Image, Sound, Scripts

This year, we are partnering with StoryCenter for a workshop on digital storytelling. StoryCenter staff will bring their expertise to Iowa City May 30-June 3, 2017.  The organization has an impressive history of working with colleges, universities, and public partners, especially organizations where the work focuses on equity and social justice. To describe StoryCenter’s work using their own language: “We create spaces for transforming lives and communities, through the acts of listening to and sharing stories. Since 1993, we have partnered with organizations around the world on projects in StoryWork, digital storytelling, and other forms of digital media production. Our selection of public workshops supports individuals in creating and sharing stories.”

The Institute will include a two-day “Snapshot Workshop” designed for digital story-telling in higher education and public-facing humanities scholarship and teaching. Through the week, participants will learn to transform scholarship into stories as we experiment with script writing, the use of image, voiceover recording, and editing. The goal is for everyone to leave with a digital story developed from beginning through online publication.