Digital Applications for Color Relief Printmaking

Matthew Kluber and Ezra Edgerton, "Digital Applications for Color Relief Printmaking"

Matthew Kluber (Art and Art History, Grinnell) and Grinnell student Ezra Edgerton collaborated on a summer project to make the specialized equipment of the art department, especially its CNC (Computer Numerical Control ) router, more broadly useful for teaching and learning at the College. The CNC router is a specialized tool that can created highly detailed physical objects from digital instructions generated or modified with software.

As part of this project, Kluber and Edgerton cut and printed eight multiple-block color relief prints, including the one pictured here, to gain experience with the processes involved. They then created user instructions and other information that will become not only a specific project in Kluber’s Print Media course but also assist instruction across the studio disciplines going forward.

Kluber is now adding to this work as a Digital Bridges Obermann Fellow at the University of Iowa, where is fellowship project involves building a digital database of studio art produced by Grinnell students.

Matthew Kluber was a participant in and presenter at the 2016 Digital Bridges Summer Institute. He is also the Digital Bridges Obermann Fellow for 2016-2017. This project was completed with support from a Digital Bridges summer grant supporting a Grinnell faculty-student pedagogical partnership between Kluber and Edgerton.