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Summer Collaborative Grants

Congratulations to the recipients of Collaborative Grants for Summer 2018!

Learn more about these exciting projects here!



Summer Collaborative Grants–

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer Collaborative Grants.




Drawing Structures: Laurel Farrin (School of Art and Art History, Painting/Drawing, UI) & Matthew Kluber (Department of Art, Grinnell)

Mapping Islamophobia: Caleb Elfenbein (History and Religious Studies, Grinnell) & Jason Harshman (Education, UI)

The People’s Weather Map and Social Media: Iowans Talking about Weather Hazards: Barbara Eckstein (English, UI) & Casey Oberlin (Sociology, Grinnell)

Quantitative Methods for Teaching Text Analysis: Frederick Boehmke (Political Science, UI), Paul Dilley (Classics and Religious Studies, UI), Pam Fellers (Mathematics and Statistics, Grinnell), & Erik Simpson (English, Grinnell)

Accessibility Technology for Performance: Kyle Rector (Computer Science, UI) & Justin Thomas (Theatre, Grinnell)

To see more examples of projects funded by Digital Bridges, please visit our projects page.