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Funding Opportunities

“This grant is noteworthy because it represents a true partnership across two sectors of higher education in which undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, librarians and technologists will use digital tools and methods to strengthen teaching and research in the humanities” ~ Eugene M. Tobin

Funding Objectives for Digital Bridges

The Andrew W. Mellon funded Digital Bridges initiative promotes experiments in collaboration among faculty and students at Grinnell College and The University of Iowa rooted in the team-based potential of the digital humanities. The larger purpose of the initiative is to explore imaginative ways for faculty, staff, and students at liberal arts colleges and research universities to build rich networks that enhance humanities teaching, learning, and research in the future. Opportunities provided by the grant are therefore designed to imagine, implement, and activate collaborations with the potential to deepen connections between our two institutions. Many of the options below also anticipate that Grinnell and University of Iowa students and faculty whose work supports digital scholarship and teaching will involve cross-institutional collaboration. Please see the Checklist for Digital Projects for guidance as you think about applying for a grant.

On Collaboration with Students: Involving students, especially undergraduates, in digital projects is one of the fastest-changing areas of curricular development at each of our institutions. Through the grant we seek to enhance programs that are already providing support and funding for undergraduates to work in collaboration with faculty mentors.

Purcell Rector and Hourcade at DBSI17Summer Collaborative Grants

Digital Bridges will support collaborative summer research teams of two to four Grinnell and University of Iowa faculty, which may also include staff members or students. Projects that also engage a community partner are welcomed.

Mapping Islamophobia teamPedagogy Grants

We will provide faculty with time and support to develop new digital liberal arts courses or course modules that familiarize undergraduate students with new methods of inquiry and exploration. We are especially interested in courses that bridge the two institutions and courses in which undergraduate students engage in collaborative research with faculty, staff, and other students.

Kang and Tsai Interest Groups

This year-long program allows participants from Grinnell College and The University of Iowa to build a shared understanding of current theories, practices, and technologies that comprise the diverse field of digital humanities. Meeting space, structure, and discretionary funding is available for groups of faculty, digital humanities staff, and graduate students with a shared intellectual interest in an area of the digital liberal arts.

train tracksTravel Funding

As part of the Digital Bridges mission to develop faculty capacity in digital methods, we offer support for faculty travel in many ways. Faculty who wish to travel with students, staff, or other collaborators should contact the Digital Bridges team about support for those people as well.